BICAPAWN Xacobeo Chess Festival con el ajedrez gallego

At BICAPAWN Xacobeo Chess Festival we want to promote the participation of all chess lovers so we’ve added €3,500 in special prizes for Galician players.

The event is open to all kinds of competitors, from the most experienced to those who play the game and just want to have fun, develop skills and participate in what aspires to become the great chess festival between October 19th and 22nd.

The special prizes will be distributed as follows:

Blitz#1: 1st-€300 2nd-€200 3rd-€100
Blitz#2: 1st-€300 2nd-€200 3rd-€100
Blitz#3: 1st-€300 2nd-€200 3rd-€100
Blitz#4: 1st-€300 2nd-€200 3rd-€100
Rapid: 1st-€300 2nd-€200 3rd-€100

Xacobeo Grand Prix special prize: €500

To promote participation we have adapted the competition schedules, adapting the afternoon sessions to start at 6:00 P.M. and the Rapid tournament to a single day to encourage the participation of working and school-age players.

If you want to formalize your registration and also get the discount for clubs, all you have to do is send us an email per club indicating the full name, email, DNI, date of birth, telephone and the ELO Fide (if any) of each participant to the following address:

Registration closes on October 15th.

Follow us at @bicapawn_tournaments and on our website for more information about the BICAPAWN Xacobeo Chess Festival 2022!

Let’s Chess the World!